Other Works

3D Images

3D version of the Rescue Ranger logo. The solution is here.
3D version of Gadget. The solution is here.
3D version of Monterey Jack. The solution is here.

Other pictures

This was inspired by the “Ranger Science Theater 3000” series, created by Matt Plotecher and based on the infamous comedy series “Mystery Science Theater 3000.” The shadow was taken from a picture by Robert Knaus, which you can find on the RRDatabase under his name.

Here the trio watches what purportedly is a scene from episode #5, “Candidate Goof,” in which the A Goofy Movie crew does a lot of mindless staring. I thought it’d be appropriate.

The box cover for the “video” of said story, based on the MST3K box covers.

Back in December of 2000, the Acorn Cafe at InsideTheWeb had a few. . .problems. Basically what happened is that we loaded up the cafe to find that it had disappeared, except for the banner ads and one mysterious phrase: “gjk.” This was after Natasha Kashefipour, the founder and webmistress of the Cafe, had left us, so we couldn’t figure out what was going on. So we congregated on the Off-Topic Board(which, luckily, hadn’t been deleted), and decided to just sign up for a new ITW account and continue the Cafe. However, ITW had since redone its policy on ads and the new Cafe was overrun with them, pleasing nobody. Julie Bihn, years before, had set up a message board for the R.O.A.R. movement, but nobody was using it, so she donated it to the cause as the new Cafe. So what happened is that we had basically two Acorn Cafes for a while, which amounted to no end of confusion, but eventually all was resolved and everyone congregated on the Cafe that used to be the R.O.A.R. board. Anyway, this is a badly-drawn graphical attempt to illustrate this story, a la an editorial cartoon. (It’s actually out-of-date, since InsideTheWeb is no more and the Cafe has relocated to a more reliable private server).

OK, this isn’t any art I’ve done, but just a picture of me from April 2000 in Disneyland at Gadget’s Go-Coaster. If you look to the left you can see a Gadget weather-vane on top of her house.

This is me inside the ride, with the stamp of Gadget on the wall. The colors for all the Rangery stuff is screwed up(the RR logo above the door, for instance, is completely screwed up), so that’s why Gadget’s overalls are bright cyan instead of purple.

Musical Works

This is a MIDI version of the theme song. Most of the versions I’d found on-line were rather slow and plodding, so I tried to create one as close to the original as possible for MIDI.
The theme song for The Adventures of Gadget Hackwrench, an on-line continuation of the show. It hasn’t had any new episodes for awhile as the creator has left the RR community.
Way back in the day Hermes was designing a RR RPG, and I did some tunes for it. Since it now seems to be defunct, here is an MP3 of one of the songs that was to be in the game: a victory theme!
Here is the other music I wrote for that same game. These are in MIDI format and zipped up. (Title pic here by Hermes.)

Written Works

This is an introduction to a crossover fanfic with Quantum Leap that I wrote, titled “Quantum Chip.” I never wrote the whole story, just the intro, so if anyone wants to pick it up they can(let me know first).
This is a short piece I wrote back during the US presidential elections for 2000. What if Chip and Dale were running? This inspired two pics by Gadgetluv, Chip and Gadget, and Dale and Monty.
A short, tongue-in-cheek self-insertion fanfic. What would REALLY happen if somebody tried to join the Rangers?
The Rescue Ranger Jumble, an RR-related word search. Print it and give it to kids for busy work, or do it yourself on long road trips. The possibilities are endless!
Another word search, this one comprised of all the users on the Acorn Cafe who had over 15 posts as of June 1, 2006.


The Gadget Screenmate. A nifty little program I created using the Gadget sprite from Rescue Ranger Adventure. Gadget walks back and forth on your desktop. She can keep you company while you write boring reports or play solitaire. You can even drag her around if she’s getting in your way.
This Monterey Jack mascot can keep you company at the top of your window. You need Otaku Mascot to use it. Sprites by Toni Barra.


The Rescue Ranger poll was started by Julie Bihn sometime in 1998. I took it over in 2001 and ran a poll every week for about a year. Then, I picked it back up and ran it in 2004 and 2005. At that point I basically retired it, since the polling options at the Acorn Cafe kind of made this obsolete. However, all the old poll results are still available.
In January of 2007 I sponsored an RR Marathon, in which the members of the Cafe would get together online and watch the entire run of the series in one sitting. This chatroom transcript is the result of that marathon.
From the 2005 Golden Acorn Awards

From the 2005 Golden Acorn Awards


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  1. All the Musical Works links are broken.
    Also the 3D version of the Rescue Ranger logo solution link is broken.

  2. Oops! Those should be fixed now. Thanks!

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