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New site!

Posted in Updates on September 10, 2008 by Jeff

Due to a possible shut-down of my old server, I’ve been moving all of my sites to WordPress for now, including this one. Nothing new on the game yet, though; sorry!


Old updates

Posted in Updates on September 10, 2008 by Jeff

2/13/08: Bah! Not enough updating! Anyway, I haven’t added much on Gadget’s side of things, but on Chip’s side I’ve added quite a bit, including a bit of backstory about Pimp Lando. It may seem vaguely nonsensical at the moment, but don’t worry, it’s leading up to something. Give it a shot!

7/27/07: The entire website (along with WAM! and the other Ranger stuff I host) has been moved to another server, so I can have a bit more space. Special thanks to Sajuuk Hackwrench for providing this space!

5/7/07: I’m on a roll! No immediate visible changes, but some bugs have been fixed and the entire programming script has been converted to the newer AGS 2.72 object-oriented language. Isn’t that something.

5/4/07: Mostly graphical changes, and Chip can no longer breathe in space because he’s a cartoon. Thas’ jest silly.

5/3/07: You’d think that after nearly a year I’d have more to show, but no such luck. I just added a pretty neat “Chapter One” screen. Hopefully, though, this summer will see more progress.

6/20/06: The talented Toni Barra has agreed to redo much of the game’s graphics, especially the earth-bound scenes. He’s also drawn up some new cursors for me. Enjoy the new and improved version!

10/5/05: OK, I’ve uploaded the game with a lot of the new sprites in place, and a few new tweaks. Plus, the game goes a little further than it did before(not much, though.) I’ve also updated the screenshots to reflect this. Enjoy!

10/4/05:WHAT?!? “RESCUE RANGER ADVENTURE” IS BEING UPDATED?!? You read it right, folks, after a long while I’ve decided to continue work on this long-forgotten game! I don’t know how long this striking of inspiration will last, but at least you’ll get something more! First I am redesigning some of the graphics, redoing and adding some sprites made by the talented Toni Barra. This unfortunately means that I won’t be using the Gadget sprite that Oden made for me, but if you want to see that in action, download the Gadget Screenmate from my “Other works” page. When I have done more graphics work then I will advance the plot some more. I haven’t uploaded anything new yet, but stay tuned! It won’t be long now!

10/1/05:Seems like the game link has been down for some time, so hopefully that’s fixed now.

1/3/05:Added the 2002 Golden Acorn Award plaque that the game won when I was on my mission and unable to put it up. Yay!

12/31/04:Finally revamped the site. It now has four sections accessible from the home page: WAM!, Rescue Ranger Adventure, 3D Images and other works, and the Rescue Ranger Poll. That way the site is a bit more streamlined and organized. I don’t know where this update page will end up, but for now it’s still under the Rescue Ranger Adventure part of the site.

12/30/04:Added another 3D random dot stereo image to my other works. Eventually I plan on doing a whole series of these, but for now I’ve got three so far.

10/24/04:Ha! Betcha thought this page’d never get updated again! Actually I’ve been continually adding stuff to my “other works” page, which is fast becoming my focus. Maybe sometime in the future I’ll redesign the site to focus more on that and less on the now-defunct game. Until then, I’ve added some music and other random stuff to said page, and most recently a Gadget screenmate using Oden’s Gadget sprite. Check it out!

7/31/04:After a long, long time, I’ve decided to discontinue the project, mainly due to lack of ideas and motivation. The game as it stands, however, is still available for download, and the RR Poll is still up, so this page won’t go away. Thanks to all those who have supported this project!

4/06/04:Added the “Victory” song to the “Other works” page. Music from another RR game that I was doing the music for that now seems to be MIA.

3/07/04:It turns out that to convert the game to the new version of AGS wasn’t as hard as I had thought, so now it’s been done. Check out the game now, and please inform me of bugs, as there are sure to be a lot. I took Indiana Jones out of the game(for now, at least), because it was kind of random, but that doesn’t mean that he’s out for good.

3/03/04:The site is officially back up and running! The dead links have been fixed, more has been added to basically every page, and most importantly, the dead game link is now no longer dead! That’s right! You can download Rescue Ranger Adventure once again! Yay! Exclamation point!

3/02/04:The Rescue Ranger poll is back up! Vote! It’s fun! Regarding the game, it seems that the new (Windows) version of Adventure Game Studio isn’t backwards compatible, so I’m debating whether to start from scratch with the game or continue with the inferior version of the game engine that I have now. If I start over from scratch(which I won’t do until at least the summer anyway), then the game might look a bit different from what it is now. In the meantime, vote!

1/20/04:Two years later, and I’ve returned from Spain. The game is still on hold, though, due to computer problems, and real life taking hold, but rest assured that the project hasn’t died yet(however deep the coma currently is). Stay tuned!

1/1/02:Well, it’s been a reeeeaaally long time since an update, but it’ll be an even longer time until the next one because I’m spending two years in Spain(see the important announcement on the index page). No word as to what’ll happen to this game project after that time, but we’ll see.

8/21/01:In preparation for my upcoming mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I dismantled the weekly Rescue Ranger Poll. It’s been a good year of polling, everyone! Results are still available from the old poll page.

7/25/01:Just updated the screenshot page to show the new Gadget sprite.

7/24/01:A big update to the game today. Not only have I upgraded from the old Adventure Game Studio v2.15 to v2.2, but Oden’s new Gadget sprite has been incorporated into the game. Also added some new music. On this website I moved the update list off the main page and onto this one.

6/20/01:This page is now over a year old! I actually don’t have an update, I just wanted to say that.

4/24/01:Fixed a couple of graphics in the game. Now Chip’s space station is actually out in space and the city park isn’t a photograph of some garden in Australia. I also updated the screenshots page to show this.

3/27/01:The game has now actually been highly updated! The game now goes much further than Flo’s. Good luck, adventurers!

2/10/01:More to the “other works” page, and I changed the hyperlink color so they’re easier to see and read.

1/10/01:OK guys, here’s the good update. The game itself hasn’t been changed much aside from some problems with Dale, but the Windows version has now been released! It’s a beta version, so please tell me if you have any problems. I also added some to the “other works” page.

10/9/00:A fellow game designer, Yahtzee(the maker of the Rob Blanc series, if you know what that is) has done a review of the game as of today in his weekly column. It’s #3 on the list. In other update news, I changed the background from cheesy stars to real stars. “Well, what about the darned game?” you might be asking yourself. Don’t you fret! I have some interesting new ideas for upcoming game updates and as soon as midterms are over I intend to implement them. Stay tuned, dudes! For those wishing to be artists drawing sprites, I added a palette for your use on the “list of what I need” page.

9/14/00:Gal dern it, college has started! I don’t know if I’ll get much done until at least mid-December, but we’ll see. I added some links near the bottom of the page, so give them a try.

8/18/00: Not much has happened with the game, because I’m trying to work out the bugs with the new 16-bit version of Adventure Game Studio. However, I have spruced up the poll page with a random quote generator(mostly from TheBoz’s Gadgetisms page) and a feedback form in which you can submit your own questions. By the way, since I will be updating the Ranger poll weekly, I’m not going to post an update here every week.

8/6/00: Added a few more rooms on Chip’s end of the game. See if you can figure out how to get to them! The game now ends outside of Flo’s, so if you can’t go into Flo’s, now you know why. Also did a bit of general tuning up of bugs and such.

8/5/00: Wow! I didn’t have as much time to work in this as I wanted! Anyway, a new version of Adventure Game Studio was recently released with 16-bit color support, so now I can have more freedom with graphics. Also, I added the Ranger poll.

6/29/00: Fixed a bug when Monterey talked he jumped back and forth. Also added a new screenshot.

6/28/00: Added a new room and a use for Chip’s whip. More importantly, Monterey Jack is now in the game! (Again, I just borrowed the sprite from the NES game.)

6/18/00: Happy Father’s Day! Today I created the page.